Monday, April 27, 2009

Benjamin's 1st Baseball Game of the 2009 Season

Benjamin's 3 little sisters at the game to cheer him on

We were at the baseball field Saturday morning for the kick-off of this '09 season.  It was a beautiful morning and quite warm, at least 80 - 85 degrees... makes me wonder where Spring has gone.  Benjamin played a great game.  He had some good stops, throws and hits.  One thing he and his team need to work on is running to 1st base and not slowing down before they get there.  That's what these early years are about... learning how to play the game.  Brian is the assistant coach which he enjoys.  I really enjoy watching the kids play their different sports.  I always want to be their biggest fan.  Way to go, Benjamin, on a great game to start the season.


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