Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He Is Risen... Indeed!

As I pondered Easter and all that happened on those days so long ago... my heart was heavy at the thought of how a sacrifice must of grieved the heart of a mother and a Father.  Jesus knew how it would all play out... His very life broken, given as the final sacrifice for me, for you.  Yet he walked in the very obedience that cost Him his life and purchased life everlasting for those of us who believe and commit our lives to Him.  My heart was heavy, yet joyful and oh so grateful that My Lord loved me enough to give His very life and that the grave couldn't hold Him down.  That He did indeed RISE - His death a covering for my sin... Him rising to give me life eternal (Luke 23 & 24).  Thank you Heavenly Father... may I never get over what you did and how much you love me.  And may I make it my every aim to share your gift with my children, my family, my friends... with everyone with whom I encounter.  May my life reflect and breathe the very essence of who you are and may I love others the way you first loved me.

We traveled down to my mom's for Easter this year.  It was nice being back at her house for the first time since the devastating tornado we experienced while visiting her on Mother's day of last year.  The children had fun making goodies and dying eggs.  They enjoyed a couple of egg hunts, and we all went to church together Easter morning.  My brother and sister-in-law, Sarah, along with my little nephews, Abrahm and Ezra came for the weekend, too.  One of Catherine's high lights of the weekend was putting on my mom's wedding dress.  She wanted pictures with everyone.  I just love the desire God puts in every little girl's heart to be a beautiful bride.  I'm surely thankful that God provided Brian to choose me as his bride.  How blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband.  It was a beautiful weekend.


Heather J said...

I'm glad y'all had a great Easter in Millen! I love the family pics and I especially love Catherine in your mom's wedding gown!!!

dandsratz said...

Monica, FIRST, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the girls matching outfits!! OH MY GOODNESS....SOOOO cute!!! :) I think that you & I really do think so much alike...I have thought so much about the sacrifice of our Heavenly Father, and how much MORE I appreciate His sacrifice since I have become a mother...to give His only son for me....humbling and overwhelming!!! I LOVED reading this blog, and I'm so glad that ya'll had such a great Easter!!! :)

Brandon, Corrie, Grayson, Claire and Gavin said...

they look ADORABLE in their matching outfits! hope you guys had a great time with your mom.