Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little Anna Girl - 9 months old

Well, actually, Anna is already 9 1/2 months old, and I'm just now posting about her 9 month mark.  She continues to be quite a chunky little one weighing in at her check-up at a healthy 20 pounds 13 ounces.  And she was 28 1/4 inches tall.  She is on the brink of crawling...  sometimes I'll find her crawling backwards or just rolling.  This past Friday, she mastered sitting herself back up from her tummy.  She's not yet pulling up and cruising.  Fact is, she doesn't really have to with 2 sisters and a brother meeting her every need.  She finally started saying "ma ma" and is also saying "na na."  The noise she makes that gains the most attention, though, is this very loud grunty scream - not what one would expect from a pretty baby girl.  And she also makes this softer grunting sound sometimes when she sits and plays.  She enjoys sitting with a big bucket of toys and pulling out different ones to explore.  And oh how she loves her mommy.  Boy can she make that grunty screaming noise when she wants me, and even louder when she wants to nurse.  In addition to nursing, she's eating stage 2 baby foods (haven't found one yet that she doesn't like).  And she loves to sit in her high chair seat and eat cheerios and puffs.  I am starting to see visions of what it's going to be like once she's totally mobile.  I just bet she's gonna be a busy little girl.  Busy and delightful... continuing to add joy to our family.


Heather J said...

Precious picture of that sweet girl!!! I loved seeing that baby girl last weekend - she is soooo cute & rolly, but I'm sure the rolls will soon melt away once she's mobile!!!! Watch out!

dandsratz said...

Oh my....she is SOOOO precious!!!! I wish I could love on her! :)