Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Benjamin... at the beach

Benjamin is my boy that likes to take it all in while we're on vacation. He wants to do it all... climb the lighthouse, go visit all the historical sights, play putt-putt and of course plenty of beach and pool time. Well, we have to reign things in a bit or vacation becomes way too busy. Benjamin, along with Brian and Catherine had a great time visiting the Maritime Museum this year, something they had never done before. And we had to play a round of putt-putt on the new and only course on the island. Riding bikes topped Benjamin's list of favorites. And he always keeps us consistent with carrying on traditions, like our annual visit to the shell store where we all get a new necklace. He's always really full of energy when we play at the ocean... skimny boarding, riding waves, biking, throwing the Frisbee - all boy, for sure. He surely took hold of every moment.

ate up this time with Brian

has always loved climbing trees... and boy this was a big one

skimny boarding

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