Thursday, August 27, 2009

The End of our Vacation

We finished our wonderful vacation with a one night stay with Brian's Aunt Peggy and Uncle Greg who live in Jacksonville, FL. We always enjoy bunking up at their house... Peggy is quite the hostess and entertainer. And never stops short of offering up some most yummy eats. We spent most of our time swimming and having "friendly" competitions of pool volleyball - guys against girls... well almost, cousin Jessica had to humble herself and join the guy's team for sake of numbers and a little fairness. But for the record - the girl's team rose victorious... yes we did. We also got to celebrate a 1st birthday while there - Bailey, their cute little pup, turned one. Thanks so much Peggy, Greg & Jessica for a great time. Only sad but good thing was... when we said goodbye, we left Benjamin and Catherine to go home with Nanna and Popa for the week. And yes, I got choked up, eyes filled with tears - first time I've left my kids for more than a couple nights and even that is rare.

What a handsome boy he is! And I love his expression...

so thankful for the bond these two have

"V" for VICTORY!

and yes, "L" for LOSER!

Benjamin and Catherine enjoy hanging out with Jessica

their pool is like what you'd find at a resort... so nice

happy 1st birthday, Bailey!

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