Thursday, August 27, 2009

While the big kids are at school...

While Benjamin and Catherine are at school, my little bits are up to all kinds of fun stuff at home. Fun stuff like playing and having snacks, making messes... Now that Anna is a little older and much more mobile (though not walking independently quite yet), Mary Scott wants her to play with her constantly. And within 30 minutes of Anna going to sleep for nap time, Mary Scott will come to me and say, "Anna told me she's ready to wake up and play with me." It's really quite cute. When they are eating, Mary Scott will pull her chair all the way over next to Anna - chairs bumping each other. She just can't seem to get enough of her! By around 10 o'clock every morning, Mary Scott starts asking if it's time to go pick up Benjamin and Catherine. As much as it stretches me and tests my patience sometimes as I teach my children about loving one another... it's amazingly precious to me to take in the relationship each of them shares with the other. And I look forward to God growing sweet friendships among them as they get older. Lord, I pray they will always look to you to guide them as they figure out how to live and love, and I pray you will always give us wisdom as we help them navigate.

seems like Anna could just take off and walk at any moment

and she has this glorious little laugh and her smile is fantastic!

cruisin' on her hot pink car - she gets on and off now and rides it well

digging in the toy basket... and pulling out every single one, of course

Mary Scott just finished with my hair... now for hers

Mary Scott can pick some beautiful outfits!

just one of the messes...

snack time - yogurt drinks and gold fish... yum

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