Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time at Nanna and Popa's

Benjamin and Catherine had a fun-filled time with Nanna & Popa. In fact I'm not sure they were ready to return home. They visited the Museum of Aviation, went swimming, helped pack care packages to mail to soldiers over seas...they even wrote a letter to us. Receiving their sweet notes in the mail made my day for sure. Sounds like they did well while away - Catherine was really missing us the first night and called crying. Thankfully after talking with her and praying for her over the phone, she seemed to be okay and was fine the rest of the time. Benjamin helped Nanna with some window cleaning to earn money to buy a slingshot... oh how $ motivates that boy.

We were so excited to see them when they returned home on Friday. I'll be honest, having a little break from the constant challenge of training them in how to treat one another offered some refreshment. But I was so ready to snuggle them in my arms and look at their sweet faces. It was nice of Nanna and Popa to bring them all the way home. Catherine was so excited to bring us a gift they had made... a beautiful picture of her and Benjamin in a frame they had decorated with sea shells they found at Jacksonville beach. They also made a yummy cake for us.

I'm delighted they had a great time and appreciate Scott and Cathy taking the time to be with them. And I'm really glad they're home!

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