Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brian and Monica... at the beach

I can't begin to capture with words how much Brian and I look forward to our time at the beach each summer. It is one of the highlights of our year. We both welcome the chance to hang out as a big ole family and just play. Most mornings on vacation were spent gathered around the breakfast table reading the Bible together. Then we would head to the beach or the pool. For me, I took in every moment of Brian having a break from his busy schedule at work, and oh how I loved sitting and watching him play with the kids... for me it was priceless. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who is such an amazing father and leader of our family. And I'm so thankful the Lord has given us the opportunity these past few years to get away for several days and enjoy one another. In fact, my best memory of our time there this year was one late afternoon when we went to play at the ocean, I just sat in the sand while everyone else was playing and had a time of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord... it was a real sweet time with HIM. Apart from the shear enjoyment of our beach time, Brian and I returned home with a renewed intention to have meaningful conversation with one another. So often, we get bogged down with day to day things, especially in regard to loving and caring for the children. So we are purposing, with God's help, to connect on a deeper level in our conversation. We enjoyed every moment of our time away and feel so richly blessed and are so thankful for our family.

I love the way Brian acts crazy and has so much fun!

this picture cracks us up every time we look at it... not exactly sure what this stance is for the game of putt-putt

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