Friday, August 29, 2008


Anna's nursery has been a fun project for me. I've enjoyed creating it and have even done a couple of art projects for her. The walls are such a sweet shade of pink - yes, we're pink lovin' girls at our house. And the accent color is apple green. She has the same bedding that Mary Scott had when she was a baby. The rocking chair in her room is special to me as it was passed down from my Nanny & Papa (my mom's parents). It was one of their first pieces of furniture. My mom had it recovered for me with some fabric we found that goes well in Anna's room but can be used other places, too. The art projects I mentioned include 3 animal prints that I made with an art canvas, fabric, and scrapbook paper, and I also painted two pictures that are hanging over Anna's crib. She has a wooden peg shelf hanging on one wall that was in my room when I was a little girl.

Anna - I hope you enjoy your room. I hope you feel safe and loved any time you're in it. It's your little haven that I created with all the love in my heart for you. You are a perfect addition to our family filling up our last bedroom. I know we will make many memories there: reading, praying, singing, playing and even crying sometimes, too. But in all of those times, there will be love and much thankfulness that you are my baby girl. I love you, Anna --- Mommy

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