Sunday, August 17, 2008

Treasures from the Sea

Those who know me well may know one of the things I most enjoy doing at the beach is taking pictures of our children. To me, there's no better backdrop than the sea and its surroundings. God's creation takes my breath away!

In my final blog about our 2008 St. Simons vacation, I want to share some of my treasures from the sea - the ones I'll treasure for years to come. This is my collection of beach photos of all 4 of our children: Benjamin (8 1/2), Catherine (6), Mary Scott (2 1/2) and Anna (6 weeks). They make our lives fun and sometimes stressful but are truly our richest blessings - treasures that God has graciously entrusted to us - our precious children whom we love beyond measure.


Coaleman said...

Hey can I go on vacation with you next year? What a relaxing looking spot --- I am sure if you had (2) more kids there it would not be as peaceful :)

JC - Lewisville, NC

Sarah said...

You have the most beautiful children!