Sunday, August 17, 2008

On the note of Relaxation

One thing's for sure, there was not much time for relaxing with 4 children - even at the beach. But occasionally, the setting was just right for setting the mood for relaxation. The beach in the evening was just such a setting for me. The pleasant temperature, ocean breeze, holding Brian's hand as we strolled down the beach and taking in Benjamin, Catherine and Mary Scott playing as I cradled Anna in my arms - for me, I was able to find relaxation in that place. Oh, if only I could find myself there more often.

A couple of evenings while we were enjoying the beach, I asked Benjamin, Catherine and Mary Scott to hold hands in the edge of the ocean so I could get a picture of them. I got so tickled at Benjamin, now 8 1/2 years old, making sure no one was looking before he held Catherine's hand. He kept saying, "Mom, you're embarrassing me." Sorry Benjamin...thanks for letting me get the pictures...I'll treasure them always.

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