Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Memorable Dinner in the Village

Although we went out for dinner several times, our most memorable dinner was at Zuzu's. I would liken Zuzu's to an old time soda fountain. We sat on bar stools up at the counter, ordered and then watched as they prepared our food from scratch. Brian and I especially enjoyed our unusual but delicious burger. It was a fat juicy hamburger topped with applewood bacon, a grilled granny smith apple slice and some crumbled blue cheese and was served on grilled Texas toast. Catherine and Mary Scott shared chicken fingers, and Benjamin got a BL sandwich (bacon,lettuce and no tomato). And Anna, well she just slept peacefully in her stroller allowing us to enjoy our dinner. Brian wouldn't even let me get her out for our family photo. He told me I dare not wake a sleeping baby.

And dinner wouldn't have been complete without ice cream for the kids and milk shakes for Brian and me. Yum Yum! After looking at the pictures, I'll give you one guess at what flavor ice cream Mary Scott had...

After dinner, we took a leisurely walk down to the pier and then headed to the beach for another little walk. Definitely my idea of a great day!

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Jana Yandle said...

love the new pics and stories...sounds like you guys had a great, relaxing trip!