Saturday, August 16, 2008

Going to see the ocean

We were all looking forward to getting our feet in the sand. It felt so good. Of course Benjamin and Catherine made a mad dash for the ocean. And Mary Scott was happiest enjoying the ocean from afar.

Benjamin got a skimny board and was determined to master it. After a few busts he began to get the hang of it. Catherine enjoyed floating in the waves with Brian or me. And Mary Scott mostly played in the sand. She and I made a sand castle together on more than one occasion. She would say, "Dig with me, Mommy." Brian attempted to take her out in the ocean against her wishes. She cried and held on for dear life the entire time. And precious baby Anna just relaxed in her little "bouncy bed" enjoying the breeze and squeezing in naps here and there.

We made fun memories each time we journeyed down to the sea whether by bike or by car. We didn't go everyday because it was so much work transporting everything and everybody, but each time we went, we had a great time.

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