Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Our stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and the children were so excited, especially Benjamin and Catherine.  As we tucked them into bed the night before Christmas, we gave clear instructions that nobody could come downstairs until 6:30 am (mean you might think but our precious son has arisen as early as 2:30 am in past years).  In an effort to honor our request, Benjamin awoke us nearly every hour from about 1:30 on asking if it was 6:30 yet!  Although that made for a very tired mommy and daddy Christmas morning, I have to say there's something so refreshing about the excitement of a child.

So finally, at 6:30 am, not a minute past, we gathered the troops to head downstairs and check under the tree.  I don't have a single snap shot to show for it, but I did get some video.  It was so much fun watching each of them discover their treasures.  For Benjamin it was a basketball goal and multi-purpose helmet, Catherine received a new bike and helmet, Mary Scott got a play kitchen and Anna got a little kitchen, too.  And each of our stockings was filled with all kinds of fun stuff.  It was a great time together.  I have been blessed watching them enjoy their gifts.  The morning was topped off with some good old Pillsbury rolls, cinnamon and orange, and a delicious cup of Starbucks Christmas blend coffee ground fresh from the beans I found in my stocking.  Sweet memories of a quiet Christmas morning in the comfort of home will be always remembered.

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