Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Our 4 blessings - Anna's first snow!


Mary Scott

There's a cross in the snow angel's dress - so neat!

Benjamin making a snow angel

Catherine and our friend, Abigail, trying to get to a good spot to sled

Mary Scott and our friend, Lilly, watching the sledding show

Mr. Matthew was the sled ride captain

Mary Scott's idea of dressing warmly!

Benjamin & Catherine watching the snow fall

Mary Scott said, "This is yummy mommy!"

Nothing like a warm cup of hot chocolate after playing in the snow

Benjamin, Catherine & Mary Scott are celebrating the snow

We so seldom get snow, it's a really big deal and very exciting when we do, even if only a small amount.  The kids went to bed last night praying it would snow and the kid in me was hoping for it, too.  And our answer was plain and simple this morning... it was snowing and school was cancelled!  Benjamin, Catherine and Mary Scott were so excited.  Mary Scott kept telling Brian over and over again while he was getting dressed for work, "Daddy, it's snowing outside!"  They played in the yard for a while then came in for a warm cup of hot chocolate.  All the while, Benjamin and Catherine were begging me to go and get them a sled.  I finally decided to take the plunge and get them one.  The enjoyment of watching them have fun plus all the laughs we've had... it was worth every penny of the $14 I spent.  After purchasing the sled, we headed over to our friends, the Hanrions, to sled with them on this great hill in their front yard.  I captured some great rides on video.  Except for Abigail's bummed up knee after sledding into a tree, it was great fun!  We also went to a local park to do a little sledding.  It was definitely a day of good memories in the snow.


Rebekah Judd said...

Paul will be so jealous you had snow. We were waiting for it here all day yesterday...it never came, even though we were promised a good 1-3 inches. So glad you had fun!

the Andersons said...

Looks like so much fun! Wish I had a video of our snow time. The video clips were so funny!

Heather D said...

i loved the video! what a crack up!

Heather J said...

That looks to be a dangerous sport!! ; )

dandsratz said...

Monica, go read my blog...tears are rolling down my cheeks at how the Lord has provided this week. :) Man, I wish you lived here!