Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Brian was off from work and Benjamin and Catherine off from school in celebration of MLK day.  We had a relaxing morning and a special treat from Benjamin.  He made waffles... from scratch... all by himself!  I was so proud of him.  The waffles were delicious and enjoyed by all.  I think we should make it a Saturday morning tradition.  I could get used to someone treating me to breakfast every weekend.  Thanks Benjamin!

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dandsratz said...

Hey Monica!! I just looked through all of your pictures--what a great winter!! I wanted to persnoally write you an email, but I can't find your email address. Thank you SO MUCH for your comment you left this week!! I honestly read it when I was feeling a little low this week, and the Lord must have known I needed a little extra cheer right then, because I can't sense your love and encouragment....so a BIG thank you!! I have SO much to write about Dave's whole job thing...but I need to wait until its all settled--by fear of someone reading it (future employers) that don't need to know everything right now! :) (I actually had that happen to a girlfriend.) Truly its been a GREAT month--totally sensing the Lord's peace through it all, but this week was hard. Probably PMS. :) We're supposed to hear something tomorrow--we'll see though. Please keep praying!! :) I agree that we would have a blast together--and lots of trouble too...that's the best part about life, right! :) he he!! :) Squeeze those precious kids from us!! We miss Heather & Mark bad!!!!