Monday, January 26, 2009


We're enjoying cheering Benjamin and his team on as they play basketball on Friday nights.  For me, there's something about walking into the gym... the smell, sounds, the hustling up and down the court that just wake something up in me.  They remind me of all those years growing up when I played basketball.  I started in the 5th grade and played until I graduated high school.  I certainly wasn't an all-star, but I enjoyed it and worked hard.  Last weekend, Benjamin came to me and asked, " Mom, didn't you used to play basketball?"  And I replied, "Yes, I played for a number of years, but it's been a while."  And then he asked, "Do you think you've still got it?"  I'm thinking I never really had it to begin with so I replied, "I'm not sure."  Then he kindly invited me to come outside and play basketball with him.  After a little while of playing, I asked him if he thought I still had it.  Thankfully he said, "Yes, I think you do."  Oh from the mouth of babes!

So far, Benjamin is having a good season.  He's doing especially well playing defense and is really hustling.  He is working on passing and using proper technique when he shoots. Keep up the good work, Benjamin.

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Heather J said...

Way to go Benjamin! Seriously Monica I think I would love to see you shoot some hoops! (btw, I'm not making fun - it would probably be even funnier to see me shoot hoops!!) ; )