Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ezra steeling a suck on Anna's passy

Anna playing with Uncle Casey

Abrahm was so gentle and playful with Anna

Famous "Kool-aid pickles"

East End Grocery - home of  "Kool-aid pickles"

For Anna and I, we hit the road a traveling on Friday, January 9th.  We headed to Cleveland, MS for one of my cousin's weddings.  We drove to Atlanta where we picked up my brother, his wife and two youngest boys and drove the remainder of the trip finally arriving in Cleveland around 10:30 pm Friday night.  Let's leave it at saying we drove through a lot of "in the middle of no where" places - certainly not a scenic trip.  

Saturday morning took us and several cousins on an adventure to find "Kool-aid pickles."  My cousin, Rachel, had read about them in a magazine.  After a little hunting, we finally found East End Grocery, home of the famous pickles.  I brought a huge jar full to the children as a treat from Cleveland, but after giving them a try, well... they didn't really get rave reviews.  Needless to say though, some fun laughs.

Millicent's wedding was lovely, and she can definitely say her family turned out.  I pray she and Clint's marriage is centered on Christ and is blessed richly in the days and years ahead. 

After the wedding and reception, we loaded up the crew and began the trek back towards home.  We drove to Montgomery, AL to stay Saturday night.  It was nice to have a little down time and sleep before finishing the trip on Sunday.  Upon my arrival back home to Rock Hill, Anna and I had traveled over 1200 miles from Friday to Sunday!  Boy were we happy to get home.  The trip went so smoothly and our little ones, Anna, Abrahm and Ezra, were great little travelers.  Thank you Lord for a safe and pleasant trip.

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