Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yesterday, I was reminded of how precious the love is between brothers and sisters.  And it came at a time that Catherine needed to be reminded.  Just a couple days ago, she was looking at some pictures of Benjamin and her from several years ago.  The pictures were so sweet and in many of them, Benjamin was hugging her.  She said to me, "Look, Benjamin loved me back then."  It made my heart sad for her because in spite of how annoyed she and Benjamin both get with one another sometimes, I know without a doubt that they love one another so much.  I tried to explain to her that at the ripe age of almost nine, Benjamin is showing her love when he does silly things like running up and tackling her - his affection is just different right now.  So yesterday, when I looked into the family room and saw them dancing to Christmas music and laughing their heads off at one another, my heart felt so warm and thankful as I was reminded that indeed they do love one another in a precious way.

And while they were dancing, Mary Scott was in the other room with Anna changing her diaper all by herself.  Boy, it's always exciting at our house and so full of love!

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dandsratz said...

Monica, oh how I loved reading this blog!!! Brought tears to my full our houses are, and busy, and yet in the midst of it all....such priceless moments as these...probably God's way of saying "What agood job you are doing, mommy, my good and faithful have taught these children to love!" Thank you for sharing this!!!!