Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Anna gave me her first little laugh this evening, definitely the highlight of my day.  I was dressing her for bed and was talking to her.  I leaned down to "get some sugar" from her belly and her ribs and she broke into the sweetest little laugh.  She did it again for the kids, and they thought it was so cute.  Mary Scott said, "Mommy, Anna's laughing!"  How exciting to think this is her first of what I pray will be a lifetime of joy and laughter.


Eversole Crew said...

How precious...priceless are these moments!

dandsratz said...

Hey Monica!!! I'm SOOO glad that we were able to meet at the party Saturday!! I just we could have visited longer!! I told Dave when we got home...."She's such a kindred spirit!" Your family & blog is AWESOME!!! I have LOVED looking through it!!! You are an amazing mom, and the faces of your happy children says it all over them!! Let's have coffee soon! :)