Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I've noticed the past few days that Anna is starting to reach out to touch things... a toy, my hand, her blanket.  Her movements are still unsteady yet clearly purposeful.  I especially treasure when she reaches and takes hold of my hand while she's nursing.  Her desire to be close to me is amazing.  And her precious smile warms every ounce of my heart.  Nearly every time our eyes meet, she greets me with this amazing smile.

She's definitely a snuggle bug.  She finds it comforting when in her crib going to sleep to snuggle a blanket close to her.  A couple of times when I've gone in to check on her,  she's had her head completely covered with her blanket - yikes!  She's napping pretty well these days.  It seems after being awake for 1 1/2 - 2 hours she's ready for a nap.  Some naps are short, but she does take at least one long nap, sometimes 2 each day.  She continues to awaken between 3- 4 am to nurse, but other than that sleeps very well most nights.  

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dandsratz said...

Monica...aren't moments like these THE BEST!!! These are the moments that I think, "I'm going to want another baby even after Madeline!" Oh to cherish times like this forever!! :) I loved this post!