Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We had a great visit with my mom (known to the kids as Meme) this past weekend.  She came up on Friday because Benjamin and Catherine were out of school.  She got to join us for Benjamin's soccer game early Saturday morning and then we took Catherine to do a gymnastics class (she really wanted her Meme and Daddy to see all that she's been mastering at the gym).  Saturday afternoon,  Mama made white chocolate suckers with the kids in the shape of pumpkins.  I enjoyed watching them as it brought back memories from my childhood when Mama used to make the same suckers for my friends and classmates.  She always liked to do special little things like that (thanks Mama).  Sunday morning we were off to church and then enjoyed a yummy lunch at Olive Garden.  Before Mama departed for home mid day Monday, we joined Benjamin and Catherine for lunch at school.  It seems our visits are way too seldom and go by so fast, but we enjoyed her visiting so much.

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