Friday, October 3, 2008


It was a field trip day for Mary Scott.  She, Anna and I have been getting together on Friday mornings with some friends for a play group, and this morning, we visited Windy Hill Apple Orchard.  It was a beautiful morning to be outside.  We met our play group friends at the orchard and started the fun by listening to the Johnny Appleseed story.  We also got to see how apples are pressed for cider.  After the story, we went on a hayride and along the way saw some pigs and some chickens.  Each of the children got a little bag to fill with an apple shaped sippy cup plus a pumpkin or 5 apples. Mary Scott was excited to fill her bag with apples.  We had a great time!

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Heather J said...

That's a great idea - I wonder if we have any orchards round here!