Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gingerbread Party

mary scott is working diligently on her gingerbread man

Mary Scott received an invitation to one of the sweetest little parties during Christmas time. It was a gingerbread party hosted by Molly, one of her favorite school friends. This party is a tradition for Molly's family. Everything about the morning was precious! The little girls listened to a gingerbread story read by Molly's mother, Elizabeth. Then they each decorated two gingerbread cookies. The girls had a wonderful time together, and all of us moms enjoyed visiting, too. Thank you so much to Molly and her mother for including us. It was a splendid time in every way!

all the sweet little girls... molly is in the purple dress

of course, little anna was into everything and enjoying every minute of being in a new place

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