Monday, December 7, 2009

time with dear friends in macon

i know that planning ahead is often the best way to approach situations, but i love the way last minute plans can fall into place beautifully. it was just such an occurrence with some of our dearest friends in macon. brian, i and the kiddos were literally in route to macon when i began calling friends to see if we could all get together for lunch on saturday. and much to my amazement, everybody had the time free so we planned a get-together. we picked up lunch from chick-fil-a then headed over to this great little park down the street. to top off our fun, we arrived at the park to discover they were having an event with rock climbing and pony rides... all free. we couldn't have planned a more fun afternoon had we started months in advance. the children had a blast although we missed maryscott joining in with us. she woke up that morning with a nasty cough and fever so she stayed at home with Nanna to rest. benjamin commented at one point in the car as we were driving to the park that it sure was quiet without mary scott in the car and that he missed her being there. so sweet, and we did indeed miss her. while at the park, benjamin and catherine especially liked the rock wall. i think benjamin must have climbed it at least 10 times. by the end, he had us timing him to see how fast he could make it to the top. brian and i thoroughly enjoyed having a little while to catch up with our friends while the kids had a great time romping around together.

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