Monday, December 7, 2009

practicing with my camera... again

this time we headed down town rock hill after school for me to get some more practice. we had a fun time romping around and ended our time with a trip to the library. my pictures still aren't turning out perfect, but i keep telling myself to keep practicing and surely they'll get better. one of the things i'm really focusing on right now is how to achieve the nice fuzzy back grounds (known as bokeh in the photography world). i'm ending up with too much brightness and pictures a little washed out... but it's practice, right? i find i still love pictures of my children even if the pictures are far from perfect.

i realize these are really sad faces mary scott has... she had fallen down... but sad faces are a part of real life therefore worth capturing


The Wilsons said...

They look good to me!!

Ashley Zittrouer Goodin said...

Monica, your family is beautiful. I have really enjoyed reading about all of you. Tell Ms. Nan hello for me and Merry Christmas to you all.