Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Brian and I reviewed wake-up time with the children Christmas eve... otherwise we'd have likely been up at 4 am! Our morning still started before the sun came up. I had set my clock because I knew Benjamin would beat us downstairs, and Brian and I didn't want to miss a moment of seeing them Christmas morning. We got down just in time to snap a quick picture of the tree and grab the video camera before we heard Benjamin and Catherine barreling down the stairs. They grabbed their stockings first. Oh how I've always loved stockings... something about all the tiny little treasures inside and getting to reach your hand down to pull out the surprises.... fun, fun, fun. It was so funny watching them. They are as different as night and day in just about every way I can imagine. Catherine would slowly take out each little thing from her stocking, look at it, savor it, maybe even talk about it. Benjamin, on the other hand, was pulling his stuff out just as fast as he could go... just seeing how fast he could see what all was in there. Once they finished with stockings, they checked under the tree and found some other treats they'd been hoping for. Mary Scott and Anna joined us a while later and had fun discovering their treasures in their stockings and under the tree. Brian and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them.

We also had the pleasure of being joined by Brian's brother, Paul, our sister-in-law, Rebekah, and their sweet children, Avery and Adam. It was extra special to have little Adam with us for his first Christmas. The kids all had a fun time celebrating and playing with one another. It was indeed a very merry Christmas. We ended our morning with a delicious breakfast of Eggnog French Toast topped with caramelized peaches and whipped cream. I got to prepare it in my lovely new turquoise colored Le Creuset skillet given with love to me by my wonderful husband and children.

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